Hanging Paper Air Freshener

If you are smart customer, then I am sure you will buy the earth friendly products for all your need including air freshener products. For decades we are facing global warming and the effect is recently experienced by many areas on the earth such as floods everywhere, the rising of sea water level, etc. In order to slow down the effect, all governments in the world force all manufacturers to produce environmentally friendly products. In response to such order, today several manufacturers of air freshener make an innovation by making hanging paper air freshener.

Hanging paper air freshener is new variant to add the already existing air freshener in the market. Perhaps some of you have already familiar with the hanging wood air freshener; the hanging paper air freshener is more or less the same like the wood. The different only lies on the media employed to store the scent. As from the name, it uses paper to store scent or perfume. There are more than thirty scents available in the market for hanging paper air freshener such blueberry, apple, peach, green tea, lavender, etc. As in wood air freshener, hanging paper air freshener also has interesting picture on the paper and it is best to use for car or your work place though it is also possible for another location. Unlike the wood which has long lasting scent, paper air freshener has shorter last for its scent for just about one month. Because of the shorter lasting, it results to cheaper price.

Today, so long as I know, only several company produces hanging paper air freshener. Based on current trend this kind of business will boom in nearby time in the future. Since it is cheap, has many scents, and also unique. By promoting this product, you have helped to slow down global warming.