Air freshener has been known since 1948. Since that year the product of air freshener has been developed and known world wide. People use air freshener mostly inside house, rest rooms, or even cars. People have aware more and more of the feeling comfortable. Not only inside the house or building now car air freshener has become one necessity for those who own car.

You can not imagine how your car would smell without car air freshener. Especially if you are a smoker driver, it will bring strong odors of your smoke inside the car. Therefore it is very important that you keep your car fresh with car air freshener, not only will it make you comfortable in your car but it would also comfort guests of your car. You would not want them to complain about your car odor right. That’s when you should use one of that car air freshener.

There are many types and fragrances of car air freshener. Natural fragrances such as, mountain air, sea fragrance, flowers like rose, lavender or fruits, orange or pineapple there are many types of scents they are offering. Besides the fragrances there are also many designs offers for car air fresheners. It could be shape like fruits, dices, little cars it could make your car more colorful. You don’t have to worry about the chemical side effects it is safe for you and your family. Not only will it bring fresh air but also comfort inside your car. You and your family deserve comfortable feeling and fragrance smells during your journey inside the car. It is not expensive that it will make you regret buying it. Air freshener for cars is very affordable and the result it brings its worth more than it price. It is very important to stay fresh inside your car.

The retail sales of air freshener are increasing every year. The increment tightly relate to people’s want for a fresh rooms. Many said with a fresher room, they can concentrate better when doing activities and fresher room gives their guess good perspective toward the host. If you watch television, surfing over the internet and reading newspaper, you can find a bunch of air freshener campaigns with intriguing ads. Interesting ads have become one of the ways for air freshener manufacturers to increase their annual revenue. There are still many other ways from the manufacturers to catch the heart of their customers, since the competition in this business is quite tough.

Let’s start with the fact that people want their rooms to always fresh and even fragrant. From this fact, the competition begins; air freshener manufacturers are springing and beat each other to fulfill what the customers’ want. Most manufacturers rely on three things to gain new customers and also maintaining the loyal customers that are products quality, products variants and the promotion. Almost everyday in all media, we can see air freshener ads with the figure of top artist or actress promoting the products.

Perhaps, this kind of advertisement will boost the revenue instantly however if the boost does not supported by quality products then the customers will give bad badge toward such products. Even, we can see black campaign of air freshener manufacturer by exploiting banned products from another manufacturer to show off to customers that their products are far better than the banned products.

By giving good quality products and availability of product variants will make more customers interested to buy the products. Based on place, air freshener can be categorized into vehicle’s air freshener and room/building air freshener. Based on the fragrant lasting, air freshener can be categorized into continuous action such as scented candles and instant action such as sprayer.

If you are smart customer, then I am sure you will buy the earth friendly products for all your need including air freshener products. For decades we are facing global warming and the effect is recently experienced by many areas on the earth such as floods everywhere, the rising of sea water level, etc. In order to slow down the effect, all governments in the world force all manufacturers to produce environmentally friendly products. In response to such order, today several manufacturers of air freshener make an innovation by making hanging paper air freshener.

Hanging paper air freshener is new variant to add the already existing air freshener in the market. Perhaps some of you have already familiar with the hanging wood air freshener; the hanging paper air freshener is more or less the same like the wood. The different only lies on the media employed to store the scent. As from the name, it uses paper to store scent or perfume. There are more than thirty scents available in the market for hanging paper air freshener such blueberry, apple, peach, green tea, lavender, etc. As in wood air freshener, hanging paper air freshener also has interesting picture on the paper and it is best to use for car or your work place though it is also possible for another location. Unlike the wood which has long lasting scent, paper air freshener has shorter last for its scent for just about one month. Because of the shorter lasting, it results to cheaper price.

Today, so long as I know, only several company produces hanging paper air freshener. Based on current trend this kind of business will boom in nearby time in the future. Since it is cheap, has many scents, and also unique. By promoting this product, you have helped to slow down global warming.

Maintaining air quality has been done by many people since many years ago. In the outdoors air, may be the government has made a solution like planting the green trees everywhere especially in the road edge and create the city park. This is kind of the solving problem for reducing the air pollution outside. It is truly help because plants help creating the Oxygen that is used by many people. But for indoor, air freshener is one of the best solution to keep it fresh and clean.

The products which function as the refresher air in indoors are known as air freshener. The main duty for this product is removing the unpleasant odor as the source of the bad air and also eliminating it. And then it will be replaced by the good odor for the good air. The additional function of this product is giving the fragrance because it has been added before. Fragrance is really important and it has been used as the masker of odors since antiquity. With variant aroma, it has become the most adorable products to make the indoors stay comfort and fragrance. The products for home, likes home air freshener, has become the only tool that is used to maintaining the air quality in house. There are so many ingredients in a air freshener which are made to create the best quality of this products.

Maintaining the good air quality is the most important things that you have to do in order to carrying your family members. Moreover, if you have children or even baby so this is all you need to choose first to give them the best air. In order to make it more qualified and increasing your taste, you can choose to hang it with the unique style, such as hanging wood air freshener. You can choose the most unique looks of this accessory. It seems complete can create the best looks in your room.

Car is felt incomplete without car air freshener to freshen up your car. As we all know that car often has musty smell or any other bad odor because of its lack of circulation and we use the air freshener to kick out the bad odor. In using car air freshener, I recommend that you choose the fragrant suit to your favorite because by correct fragrant able to stimulate your thought to be more relax or even level up your spirit. However, if you choose the too sharp fragrant, it is able to make you feel dizzy or even quicken to vomit if you are unwell condition. It is better to choose calm fragrant such lavender or fresh one because those fragrant suit to many people and able to stimulate your mind to be more relax.

As the world goes that dynamic, variation of products is a must for car air freshener manufacturers. Most car air freshener depends on air circulation within the car to vaporize the fragrant in all corner of the room. I suggest that your car air conditioner is always in its best condition to maximize the fragrant produced by the air freshener. Bad air conditioner will make the air quality inside your car become less healthy. There are many shapes of car air freshener in the market such as small bottle shape with seal that can be rotated to measure the exposure level of air freshener. For a nicer look, there are car air fresheners in fruits shapes such as apple or grapes with the same fragrant as the shape. Even, people who do not want to spend much money to buy car air freshener substitute that with cheap room air freshener for their car.

Car air freshener is a way to freshen up air inside your car. However, do not rely on this thing, clean up your car and air conditioner regularly to keep the air quality of your car which in the end, it keeps you in good health.

Pada tgl 23 Juli – 1 Agustus 2010 Qalua & Dorfree mengikuti pameran di Event Indonesia International Motor Show yang diadakan di Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran. Keikutsertaan Qalua & Dorfree dalam pameran kali ini merupakan yang ketiga sejak pertama kali pada tahun 2008.

Sebagai wujud tanggung jawab dan berperan serta dalam menyelamatkan lingkungan alam dan misi go green ( penghijauan) maka MilPrimS dalam pameran tahun ini menyelenggarakan program “Anda Tanda Tangan, Kami Yang Menanam Pohonnya”, dimana setiap terkumpul 20 tanda tangan pengunjung , MilPrimS akan menanam 1 pohon pada tahun 2011. Kami berhasil mengumpulkan 512 tanda tangan dari pengunjung booth dan sangat berterima kasih atas partisipasi pengunjung. Dalam pameran tersebut, MilPrimS mengeluarkan 2 produk terbaru yaitu “Qalua Wooden Toy” dan “Dorfree Hanging Paper”. Hal yang paling berkesan selain banyak konsumen setia yang datang ternyata ada konsumen yang membawa semua botol bekas pengharum Qalua & Dorfree yang telah habis dipakai sejak membeli pertama kali pada pameran tahun 2008 lalu.

Kami mengucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada seluruh konsumen setia MilPrimS atas dukungan dan kepercayaan yang diberikan sehingga produk kami selalu mendapat tempat di hati para konsumen. Dukungan dan kepercayaan tersebut mendorong MilPrimS untuk berusaha semakin berkembang dan menjaga kepercayaan konsumen serta memelihara lingkungan alam sekitar.

There must be differences that you can feel when you come into a room with the air freshener and one who does not use it. The comfortable taste that you feel and make you relax can be caused of the product like air freshener. Suddenly you will forget the air pollution outside that make you sick and unhealthy because this product offers you so many variant of fragrance which can relaxing the environment.

The products of air freshener have been created and developed by the time and always changing. There some improvement for the appearance of these products such as in the looks, size, color, package, variant fragrance and even price. The higher price should offer the more quality of products. Generally people love to search the unique products. The function of the air freshener is not only for refresh the air in a room, but it can also function as the accessories in your home or office or anywhere. One way to make it unique is by hang it with the unique materials. Hanging wood air freshener is one of that. It has the unique looks by hanging it in the hanger made from wood. It is essentially good and nice. You can hang it in the corner, kitchen, car, bedroom, private room, bath room almost anywhere you like.

Another unique product in supporting the appearance of your air freshener is by using wood toy air freshener. This is the kind of place to put the air freshener items made from wood and created to give the art in placing it. There are many company which are concerning to create it. So which one is your favorite look? Please choose the most favorite one and put it in your favorite place so you can feel comfort whenever you are.

Nowadays, it seems hard to find the better quality of air, because there are so many pollutions outside. Starting from the cars, motorcycles, even factories which producing bad things to impact the air. Moreover, the reducing of the green plants has added the bad results for our health environments. There are so many ways to overcome it. One of that is by using air freshener in anywhere you want.

This product is created to help people stay comfort whenever they are especially when in a room. In creating the fresh air is important to feel cool and make you comfort. There so many place to put the air freshener product. You can put this product in your home, such as living room, bed room etc. This home air freshener can be put hanging on the wall or on the table. It is not only can refresh your room but also give fragrance because it is containing the Piezoelectricity technology which will work to give the aromatic fresh air. There are the products which categorized as continuous action and instant action. Continuous actions have candle flame to heat and spread a fragrance formulation; meanwhile the instant action is like aerosol sprays that you can use easily.

Another specific place that commonly use by people is car. Car is the transportation that is always used by almost all of the people in the world. They need car to protect them and safety in travelling. The air freshener of courses needed inside. The car air freshener has been made with so many variant of form, sixe and fragrance. You can choose it by your own taste. It looks pretty in your car because of its look and design. So, with many offering from producing company of air freshener, you do not have to confuse anymore. Be comfort with these products.

Various Aroma From Milprims Hanging Paper, Paper Room Fragrances

Paper Hanging Milprims air freshener now have many options that can refresh you. This cute paper dolls that you can hang it in a variety of your favorite room where you normally conduct the activity. It can the guest room, sleeping room, kitchen, study room and children’s play room.

Various flavor hanging paper air freshener options offered to you is the aroma of strawberries, grapes, blueberries, the black, orange, fruity and vanilla. In terms of aromatherapy, the scent of orange is said to arouse so that all your activity will return to a maximum. Your spirit will emerge and rise again. So that even you can recover from the sleepy.

While the aroma of grapes and blueberries can supposedly make your romantic arousal. So place this scent in the right room. So that it can produce a good performance as well.

The smell of strawberries is said could lead to creativity in work, and create a sense of joy that is so fitting when we put in the work room, exercise room or study room freshener that smells all as very well with children and young people.

Fruity aroma is generated from a variety of fruits. It’s like when we’re in the market of ripe fruit. It smells so refreshing, so can make us recover from feeling tired or stess, so that we recover and to feel happy again. It is suitable when we put on our break room like the living room.

And the smell of vanilla is said to be making our body and soul relax. So that it can make us to relax and escape from all the tension and fatigue from all of our daily activities. If this type of fitting that we hang in our living room as our reading room or the room to listen to music and watch movies or tv.

Also nice if we hang air freshener in the bedroom so we could actually make our body asleep and later woke up with fresh. Good also if we hang on the porch beside or behind the house where we used to relax overlooking the park or garden while drinking tea or coffee. And good to the front porch so that every guest who comes into our homes can feel relaxed and at ease.

Black Tea could cause the smell which also makes us feel relaxed.

New QALUA ‘Hanging Wood’s Packaging

Tanggal 30 April QALUA ‘Hanging Wood’ telah meluncurkan kemasan starter baru menggantikan kemasan lama guna mendukung program QALUA Go Green yang dimulai tahun 2010. Kemasan baru ini lebih ramah lingkungan karena hanya menggunakan kurang dari 40% konsumsi plastik kemasan terdahulu. Secara bertahap dalam waktu dekat kemasan refill Qalua ‘Hanging Wood’ juga akan diganti. Walaupun biaya kemasan baru lebih tinggi dibanding kemasan lama tetapi produk ramah lingkungan adalah lebih baik. (gbr kanan adalah kemasan baru)