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Air Freshener Fragrant

March 17th 2011 | Posted by

The retail sales of air freshener are increasing every year. The increment tightly relate to people’s want for a fresh rooms. Many said with a fresher room, they can concentrate better when doing activities and fresher room gives their guess good perspective toward the host. If you watch television, surfing over the internet and reading newspaper, you can find a bunch of air freshener campaigns with intriguing ads. Interesting ads have become one of the ways for air freshener manufacturers to increase their annual revenue. There are still many other ways from the manufacturers to catch the heart of their customers, since the competition in this business is quite tough.

Let’s start with the fact that people want their rooms to always fresh and even fragrant. From this fact, the competition begins; air freshener manufacturers are springing and beat each other to fulfill what the customers’ want. Most manufacturers rely on three things to gain new customers and also maintaining the loyal customers that are products quality, products variants and the promotion. Almost everyday in all media, we can see air freshener ads with the figure of top artist or actress promoting the products.

Perhaps, this kind of advertisement will boost the revenue instantly however if the boost does not supported by quality products then the customers will give bad badge toward such products. Even, we can see black campaign of air freshener manufacturer by exploiting banned products from another manufacturer to show off to customers that their products are far better than the banned products.

By giving good quality products and availability of product variants will make more customers interested to buy the products. Based on place, air freshener can be categorized into vehicle’s air freshener and room/building air freshener. Based on the fragrant lasting, air freshener can be categorized into continuous action such as scented candles and instant action such as sprayer.

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